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Book Description


Join Gretchen Schwartzman on a transformative journey of faith, highlighting the profound lessons she learned in recent years about the power of hearing God’s voice. Her spiritual odyssey began with a divine nudge at the onset of a Lenten season, prompting a commitment to a daily moment of stillness and listening. What unfolds is not a routine practice of scripture reading or prayer, but a dedicated time for quietude, aimed at cultivating an intimate dialogue with the Divine.

As Gretchen embarks on this discipline of silence, she is moved to document the words and messages received from God. Soon, these private encounters with God’s voice evolved into a compelling call to share the insights gained with a wider audience, beginning with her church community and eventually leading to the creation of this book. 

One of the frequent themes of these writings is intimacy with God. He has created us for intimacy with Himself. Adam and Eve enjoyed true intimacy with God in the garden before the fall. Ever since then, humanity has been seeking that intimacy that has been lost. In this present age, Jesus has opened that door for that intimacy to be restored, and the Holy Spirit teaches us and leads us into that intimate relationship with God that our hearts long for.

About the Author


Gretchen Schwartzman is a registered nurse who has worked in the area of maternal child nursing for most of her nursing career and is currently working as an RN case manager. She is a certified dance minister and has served as leader and choreographer for the Living Word Community Dance Ministry since 1998. As a dance minister, she has worked with adults, youth, and children to present choreographed dance presentations, artistic ministry activations, spontaneous times of praise and worship, and congregational dances.

She volunteers with Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Purse, and currently serves as the Church Relations Coordinator for the Philadelphia Area Team. She also serves as an intercessor with Heart of the Father Ministries home ministry team. She and her husband served as missionaries in Haiti for six years in the 90’s. She lives with her husband and mother in Drexel Hill, PA and is the mother of two grown children.

Gretchen Schwartzman


MIND OF GOLD: A Girlfriend's Guide to Financial Freedom

Money has a powerful impact on most areas of our lives—from relationships and the ability to afford life experiences to security and, yes, even happiness. Our money situation is the key to achieving financial security and living the life we desire. Yet, most of us don’t have easy access to personal support and guidance when making important financial decisions. We’re unsure how best to work toward greater financial wellness.

In Mind of Gold, authors Karen Oeser and Erica Neal share ways to strengthen your financial position and improve your financial situation by:


Discovering and modifying your money mindset.


Creating a budget.


Establishing and maintaining great credit.


Understanding taxes and how they impact your finances.


Knowing the importance of investing to build wealth.


Planning for retirement.

The information included in this book will help you establish a solid foundation and set you on the path to financial freedom.

And Much More!
Mind of Gold: A Girlfriend's Guide to Financial Freedom
Energized by Joy
Inside, you will learn how to:

Joyfully overcome any obstacle that comes your way.


Unlock the secrets of your dreams to guide your path.


Maximize your superpower to grow your business.


Forgive deeply to break through family conflict.


Fearlessly pursue what sets your soul on fire.


Listen to the voice that leads to your purpose.


Turn your trauma into triumph.

And Much More!
ASPIRE: Women Finding Their Purpose

ASPIRE is made up of 20 DRIVEN, AMBITIOUS, and SUCCESSFUL women describing their journeys in finding AND LIVING OUT their true purpose in life.

These are women who…


Share it all – the ups but also the downs, the joyful times but also the turbulent ones. Some are still searching but they are steadfast in their journeys.


Demonstrate to all women that you can not only find your purpose but also live it out despite the obstacles.


Encourage other women that they can not only find their purpose, but also live it out despite the obstacles.


Faced obstacles while continuing to achieve success in fulfilling their purpose. We, as women, know there are many obstacles out there that get put in our way.

#1 Amazon Bestseller in the U.S. and Australia!

#1 in 5 Categories!

Aspire: Women Finding Their Purpose
Women in Real Estate: How Queens Do It Differently

This Amazon #1 Bestseller is a MUST READ for any woman (or man) who wants to live in financial freedom.

Kaylee McMahon has brilliantly turned her conversations with 20 successful women in multifamily real estate investing who have touched her life and lives of countless others in to a tangible how-to book. These women are resilient, wise, professional, and want to help others get ahead by sharing defining moments and lessons learned in their journeys to success.

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