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Awaken Your Heart:
Stories of Courageous Women Saying Yes!

Living in Joy!

What is a Heart Song?

"In that wonderful day you will sing: "Thank you, LORD! Praise His name! Tell the nations what He has done. Let them know how mighty he is!" Isaiah 12:4" 

There is nothing more beautiful than reading the unfolding love story between a woman and Jesus Christ. Heart Songs Publishing House was created to capture these encounters of Christ's relentless pursuit of her heart. Whether her well-crafted testimony is full of adventure or catching a poignant time when she chose to say yes to freedom in her unspeakable pain, these compelling stories of finding strength and power in Christ are guaranteed to capture the heart of every reader.
About Us
Heart Songs Publishing House produces high-quality, visually appealing single- and multi-author books of heartfelt testimonies full of hope, love, faith, forgiveness, and peace. Each author and her story are treated with tender care and gently coached to deliver a story that will tap into the heart of every reader. Utilizing team-building exercises and activation, the author will go through our unique process of identifying who she is in Christ and gaining a family of forever sisters. 
Why choose Heart Songs?
You don't have to write an entire book to share your testimony.
Your book is guaranteed to achieve bestseller status for the kindle launch.
You will be published with 20+ warrior princesses from around the globe.
Our team is led by International bestselling author and Pastor, Karen Oeser, who has been on both sides of the pen.
The writing course is taught by published author and teacher, Judy Durham, who knows how to masterfully pull stories out of people just like you!
Our specialized writing course will ensure that you share the best version of your heart song.

You will be armed with an unwavering testimony to crush the enemy.

Your Author Interview will be published on YouTube, Linkedin and Facebook.
We hold your hand through every step of the process!

Other Benefits


The ability to leverage the networks of  20+ other authors to grow your community.


Our professional designs entice readers to prominently display our publications on their bookshelves.


We will help you set up the author page to your chapter with an edited bio, headshot, and webpage link. 


You will be invited into the private Facebook group of other esteemed authors.


You will build relationships with fellow Kingdom Warriors through team-building exercises and activations.

Women Unite in Community
Our Heart Song

Every captivating story has a hero and a villain. The Bible tells us that we have an accuser, an enemy, who is the villain after our hearts. From the moment we are born until we return home to Heaven, the enemy relentlessly pursues us. Our experiences on earth are a battle between good and evil. Scripture tells us who wins in the end and how to be part of the winning team. We must repent of our sins, enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and profess our faith in God.

God designed us to respond to stories. The Bible is full of stories from beginning to end. That’s how we learn. We see ourselves in these stories and can apply the lessons by discovering how their life choices drew them closer to God or away from God. We then hang on to these stories throughout the highs and lows of our own life song for guidance as an anchor to our soul. Our testimonies are a Truth the enemy can’t steal from us. 

Revelation 12:11 tells us that we overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. We created Heart Songs Publishing House to give women an opportunity to share their stories with others and to remind the enemy that our salvation story cannot be stolen from us. We also know the importance of a well-crafted story to inspire and paint a picture that invites readers to join in and fully grasp the essence of your experience. By publishing with Heart Songs Publishing House, you will be armed with your very own 2,500-word story alongside 20+ other authors from around the world to declare victory and stop the enemy in his tracks!

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